A Contribution to the Ornithology of Northern Gobir (2010, Version 1.). This is a detailed report based mainly on my observations during my thesis fieldwork but also incorporates some insights from a local hunter. I have attempted to understand my records with reference to what is known about the biogeography and ecology of the species involved but there is much still to be learnt about these birds as well as wider the ecology of northern Gobir.

A Preliminary Hausa Bird Lexicon (2012, Version1.1). During my thesis I recorded the Hausa names for over a hundred species of birds with a local hunter. Inspired by this I managed to track down 11 other sources of Hausa bird names, some of them unpublished, obscure or hard to find, which I have gathered together in this document. The lexicon is built around a list of all species found in the core Hausa speaking areas in Nigeria and Niger (Hausaland) and just over a half of this total have recorded names. Those so far assembled here hint at some fascintating patterns of name conformity for some species and diversity in others. I propose a socio-spatial approach to the recording of names, as well as a more rigourous collecting protocol, in order to investigate what names may tell us about language change and diffusion. 

Origins of an Outlying Acacia (2013, Version1.0). This note is an exploration of connectivities across Sahelian landscapes through considering how a fine Acacia sieberiana in central Niger might have got growing where it is about 90 km from the nearest known examples during the 1984-5 drought induced famine. 

Thatch Geographies in Liberia: An Introduction (2017, Version 1.0). Thatching materials have rarely been the subject of geographical enquiry. This note introduces the topic through a literature review that seeks to understand the various combinations of social and environmental factors which shape how they are used as thatch resources in particular places at particular times.


Chicken-Guineafowl Hybrids in Village Production Systems. A short illustrated note that highlights a practise that may increase the chance of these hybrids, some Hausa names given to them and the value of considering these birds in ethno-taxonomies.

An Annotated Bibliography on the Social Aspects of Hunting and Trapping in West Africa. Part 1 Liberia. I find bushmeat debates overly biological, so in order to stimulate consideration of the social significance of these activities and how their roles and importance have changed, I am compiling references.


An Annotated Bibliography of Gobir.

The Swift Houses of Liberia.

Ethnomycology Notes from Liberia.